Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You know when you fly to a place you make a mental picture of what you like to do an itinerary of sorts. Well on my list was......
1/ visit Heineken Brewery.
2/ visit Rembrandt Museum.
3/ visit Van Gogh
4/ check out Red Light district
5/ Try the local food
6/ have a coffee?
7/ ride a cycle
8/ check out the Sex Museum

Numbers 1 and 8 never got done for some unforeseen reason. I didn't realize that getting lost in Amsterdam should have been part of the list also. One reason why is that it is so easy to get confused by the many canals. They all look the same. The Hotel Hans Binker at 25ero per night was an experience. This place claims to be the worst hotel in the world. Honestly it is a animal house which has an happy hour every day between 5pm and 6pm 2 Heineken for the price of 1. After that hit the town after you have downed the many you brought so you can keep on dringking until 8. They also sold food which was OK thank god as I was not in a state to cook as a matter of fact nor was anyone else. I had the Fish and chips and Binker Burger recommend. I left UK on Thursday night an finally arrived in Amsterdam and at the Hotel around 11pm. What a mission that was. I dropped my bags and went for beer or two maybe 5 then went for a wonder around to get my bearings which deem to be totally hopeless in this place. anyway nxt morn had breakfast doned on my day pack and headed out to find Rembrandt and Van Gogh museum. Which I found finally after stumbling into the redlight alley a market and many canals. For any artist both museums should be a must visit. After lunch at a local cafe close to the Hotel I ventured out again for a few hours or so then made it for happy hour at the Hotel. After a feed and a few more...... I headed into town with some Canadians to check out the Redlight alleys. Wow! Interesting walk that was. Well somehow I lost the Canadians somewhere between the alley and another canal then it rained so parked my butt on a seat outside by a Coffee shop where I chatted to some chap for 3 hours about the philosophy of time well that took 4 hours.
Well then it was time to head back to the Hotel to retire for the night. Well!!!!!!! that took longer than I expected. 3 times I past the same shop until I realise that I was walking around in circles. Somehow I made it back to the Hotel.
Ahh Amsterdam

This is a Red Door

Rembrandt Corner


Ahh Amsterdam

Down the road from the Hans Binker Hotel where I stayed

This Dude was seen by the Van Gogh

Is that the glow of the purple dude?

Red 1
Red 2

Oops forgot to move.
What I have realise that red is a prominate colour in this city


Hmm? I wonder what state this artist was in when they carved those?

There must be a Cafe down here?

Well after a long night I emerged from the covers around 10 had breakfast and headed down the road to Mac Bikes where I hired a pushbike for 12eros. It was much a relief after beating the footpath the day before. Now I have not been on a pushbike for some time and after a stint in the country then back into Amsterdam my arse was feeling it. I came to the conclusion that most people in Amsterdam had hard arses. Maybe thats where the saying of "hard arse" came from. Well it was fun and I made it back for a second round of happy hour at the Hotel. So same again this time drinking with some Ausses and some dudes from UK. That night I headed back out into the night with the UK dudes and hit the bars ended up watching a cover band which sounded quite good I think. Well on the way back to the Hotel later on I got lost again. Yeap you wouldn't believe it. This time in a totally different part of the city. Well the rest was history and somewhat a blur and I was glad to make it back to have what little sleep I can have until I needed to wake up and head to the airport.

Classic Windmill spotted while I was biking about.

This one is self explained

Well that was just a snippet of Amsterdam. I had a great time and it had taken 3 day to recover from it.